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Abstract face vases - Pablo Picasso

Abstract face vases - Pablo Picasso

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The Emergence of Functional Art

Vases depicting faces inspired by Pablo Picasso illustrate the fusion between art and functionality. Each face captured on the vase's surface tells a complex story, blending Cubist abstraction with the tangible form of the vase.

Picasso had a fascination with the way art could be integrated into everyday life. These vases are an extension of that philosophy, bringing art into otherwise functional spaces. They embody a way of transcending the traditional boundaries of art by transforming utilitarian objects into works of art in their own right.

The Evolution of Styles Across Sizes

Vases inspired by Picasso come in a variety of sizes, each reflecting a distinct period of his artistic career. From small vases evoking the period of Analytical Cubism to larger vases illustrating his exploration of surrealism, each size embodies a different facet of his creative genius.

Beige: 17*6cm

White: 14*5.5cm

Terracotta: 24.5*9.5 cm

Sand: 31*10.5 cm

Yellow: 37*12cm

The vases of varying sizes form a visual journey through Picasso's artistic eras. By collecting them, we obtain a unique timeline of his creative journey.

Faces that Question

The faces depicted on these vases are not simply abstract shapes, but windows into the artist's soul. Each face carries with it a range of emotions and experiences, captured intriguingly in the lines and shapes of the vase. These faces are not only aesthetic, but carry human complexity within them.

These faces are like visual enigmas that question the viewer. They encourage us to think about the many facets of identity and perception. Just as Picasso deconstructed forms to recompose them, these faces invite us to deconstruct our own perceptions and reconstruct our understanding of art.

The Impact on Art and Culture

These vases have also redefined the way we perceive art in our environment. They showed that art is not limited to gallery walls, but can be an integral part of our homes and daily lives.

Integrate Art into Your Daily Life

Explore the fascinating world of vases representing faces inspired by Pablo Picasso and bring a unique artistic touch to your space. Each vase tells a different story and allows you to create a connection between art and your daily life.

Elevate Your Interior Decor

Transform your living space into a personal art gallery with these captivating vases. Each vase represents an invitation to explore art from a new angle and to enrich your daily environment


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