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Resin sculpture - David by Machel Ange

Resin sculpture - David by Machel Ange

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Golden-looking Resin Sculpture of Michelangelo's David: Classic Aesthetics Meets Modern Design

The resin sculpture of Michelangelo's David is reinvented to adorn contemporary spaces with historical presence and a touch of modernity. This artistic piece, available in two classic finishes - a pure white reminiscent of Carrara marble and a deep black for a bold presence - is a tribute to the mastery of Renaissance art. Each sculpture is distinguished by stylized golden looks, adding a touch of modernism and originality to this art icon.

Dimensions and Presence

With a height of 14 cm and a width of 10 cm, the sculpture can be placed easily on any surface, while exuding a majestic character. Its size makes it ideal for both intimate spaces and larger environments, where it catches the eye and sparks conversation.

Finishes and Materials

Choose between the elegant simplicity of white, which brings light and clarity, or the enigma of black, which lends depth and mystery. The premium resin provides a satisfying weight and texture, while the gold looks are precisely applied for a striking visual effect.

A Bridge Between Past and Present

This sculpture does not simply reproduce the antique; she dialogues with the present. The golden gazes serve as a visual metaphor, inviting viewers to look through the eyes of history and think about how we see our world today.

Packaging & Delivery

Each sculpture is carefully packaged for protection during transport, ensuring that it reaches you in perfect condition, ready to add to your collection or to be given as a gift.


The resin sculpture of Michelangelo's David with golden gazes is much more than a decorative object; it is a conversation piece, a bridge between eras, and an accessory that will leave an impression. It represents the perfect harmony between classic art and contemporary design.


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