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Mona Lisa pouch - Leonardo da Vinci

Mona Lisa pouch - Leonardo da Vinci

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The Zipper Pouch: A Functional and Artistic Accessory

The Mona Lisa Zipper Pouch is more than just a printed work of art. It is carefully designed to be practical and functional. Featuring a sturdy zipper, it keeps your valuables safe while being a visually captivating accessory.

Discover the Beauty of Daily Art

By wearing a zippered clutch representing Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, you transform your daily routine into an artistic experience. Every time you pull out your cover, it's like holding a fragment of art history in your hands. So let yourself be inspired by the timeless elegance and infinite creativity of La Joconde.

Join us in the World of Portable Art. Browse our Selection of Unique Clutches, Designed for Art Lovers and Style Enthusiasts.

Size: 11*13.5cm


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