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Plaid / Rug - Pablo Picasso

Plaid / Rug - Pablo Picasso

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Imagine yourself in a world where art comes to life in the form of throws and rugs, where hands transform into hearts pulsing with emotion.

Plaid: Wrap Yourself in Emotion

Picasso inspired throws capture the intensity of the colors and shapes of his work. Wrap yourself in the emotion of his art by snuggling up in a plaid that evokes the hands that form a heart.

These throws are much more than just blankets. They are artistic statements that add a touch of class to any space. Every time you wrap yourself in this blanket, you wrap yourself in the very essence of Picasso's art.

Carpet: Walk on Art

Pablo Picasso-inspired rugs transform your floor into a living canvas. Every step you take becomes an artistic dance. These rugs are designed to evoke the same feeling you get when viewing a work of art at the museum.

The combination of bold colors and patterns makes these rugs centerpieces of interior design. They bring a touch of originality to any room, creating an unparalleled artistic atmosphere.

The Deep Meaning: A Beating Heart

The hands that form a heart are not just a work of art. They carry a deep meaning that resonates with many people.

Symbol of Love and Unity

The heart formed by hands is a universal symbol of love and unity. It is a visual representation of the connection between individuals, a constant reminder of the importance of love in our lives.

Appreciate Art Everyday

The plaid-rug representing hands forming a heart, inspired by the style of Pablo Picasso, is much more than simple decorative items. They are works of art that enrich your daily life by adding a touch of emotion and inspiration.

Size: 130*160cm


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