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Parodic Statue - Michelangelo's "frozen" David

Parodic Statue - Michelangelo's "frozen" David

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An Artistic Parody: The “frozen” David

The Parody Statue - The "frozen" David transforms classical art into a humorous scene, inviting both laughter and reflection. This work is a bold and playful interpretation of Michelangelo's masterpiece, bringing a touch of lightness and originality to the world of decoration.

Resin: A Modern Choice for an Ancient Work

Made of high quality resin, this statuette is light and resistant, ready to welcome the amused glances of passers-by. Bright colors - red, blue and cream - are not only an aesthetic choice, but also contribute to the playfulness of the room.

David's Humorous Twist

The representation of David with a cone-shaped "ice cream" on his head is an invitation to smile, a way of de-dramatizing sacred art and making it accessible to all. This touch of humor reflects our times when art wants to be close to the public, interactive and full of spirit.

Colors: Fun Symbols

Each color chosen for the statue carries a comic dimension: red for the boundless energy of a melted "ice cream", blue for the freshness of an imaginary perfume, and cream for the creamy sweetness of a sculpted dessert.

Dimensions and Fun Features

With dimensions suitable for all types of spaces, this statue is not only an object of art, but becomes an everyday companion that reminds you not to take life too seriously. Its durability is an added advantage, ensuring that the humor will remain intact over time.

Art with a Wink

This statue is a celebration of art with humor. It is designed for those seeking to incorporate an element of joy and carefreeness into their surroundings, while paying homage to the immortality of great works.

Easy Maintenance for Lasting Joy

Maintaining the Parody Statue is as simple as its message is joyful. A simple dusting is enough to maintain its shine and its humorous power.

Conclusion: Humor in Art

In short, the Parody Statue - The "Iced" David is proof that art can be funny, touching and deeply human. It is an invitation to smile with art, to question it and appreciate it in a new light. For those ready to welcome this fusion of humor and history into their homes, this statue is available for purchase, ready to share its infectious joy.


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