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Glossy White Mug "Heart of the Girl with a Pearl Earring" - Vermeer

Glossy White Mug "Heart of the Girl with a Pearl Earring" - Vermeer

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Glossy White Mug "Heart of the Girl with a Pearl Earring" - Spirit of Vermeer

Immerse yourself in the world of classic painting with our "Heart of the Girl with a Pearl Earring" mug, inspired by Vermeer's famous work. This elegant mug carries the iconic image of Girl with a Pearl Earring at its heart, capturing the grace and tranquility that emanates from Vermeer's painting.

Artistic Design and Finesse

The design of this mug highlights Vermeer's soft and luminous style, focusing on the serene expression of the young girl and her emblematic pearl. The heart-shaped design on the mug is both classic and romantic, evoking Vermeer's subtle use of light and shadow.

Quality and Materials

Made with the highest quality ceramic, this mug features a glossy finish that not only highlights the delicate design but also ensures exceptional durability.

Product Details

Variety of Sizes

  • 11 oz : Perfect for enjoying tea or coffee, with dimensions of 9.6 cm in height and 8.2 cm in diameter.
  • 15 oz : A larger option for those who want more of their favorite beverage, measuring 4.7 inches in height and 3.3 inches in diameter.
  • 20 oz : For heavy drinkers, this mug offers a large capacity with 10.9 cm in height and 9.3 cm in diameter.

Practicality and Maintenance

This mug can be cleaned in a dishwasher and used in a microwave, providing convenience without compromising aesthetics.

User Experience

The handle is designed to ensure a comfortable grip, and the quality of the ceramic keeps the drink at a pleasant temperature, whether hot or cold.

Versatility and Aesthetics

This mug is ideal for everyday use and can also serve as a stylish decorative piece, or given as a meaningful and culturally rich gift. It can also serve as a creative container for various items, adding a touch of artistic elegance to your living or working space.

Dialogue and Cultural Impact

The “Heart of the Girl with a Pearl Earring” mug is more than just an object; it is a conversation starter that sparks curiosity and inspires dialogue about the art, history and culture of classical painting. It's perfect for displaying at social gatherings or using as an attractive educational item.

Celebration of Artistic Heritage

By choosing this mug, you embrace Vermeer's legacy and his timeless impact on world art. It is a daily way to appreciate and celebrate the talent and sensitivity of one of the great masters of painting.

Perfect Gift

The "Heart of the Girl with a Pearl Earring" mug is the ideal gift for art connoisseurs, amateur historians or anyone who appreciates classic beauty. It is both practical and inspiring, an object that will continue to charm and engage for years to come.

Conclusion: A Classic Reinvented

With this mug, mornings start with a touch of art history. Each sip is enriched by the beauty of the Girl with a Pearl Earring, making moments of pause deeper and more contemplative. This mug is a fusion of classic art and modern functionality, a stylish addition to your daily routine or mug collection.


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