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Glossy White Mug "Heart of Adam's Creation" - Michelangelo

Glossy White Mug "Heart of Adam's Creation" - Michelangelo

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Glossy White Mug "Heart of Adam's Creation" - Homage to Michelangelo

Celebrate the artistic genius of Michelangelo with our Heart of Adam's Creation mug, which captures the essence of one of the Sistine Chapel's most iconic scenes. This mug combines classic artistry and modern utility, making every sip infused with history and beauty.

Artistic Design and Symbolism

The focal point of this design is the heart-shaped motif, inspired by the divine contact between the hands of God and Adam. This captivating moment is placed at the center of a heart evoking the creation of life, symbolizing the link between the human and the divine.

Quality and Materials

The high-quality ceramic ensures a glossy finish that not only highlights the intricate pattern, but also ensures scratch resistance and increased longevity, even after numerous washes.

Product Details

Variety of Sizes

  • 11 oz : Perfect for enjoying your favorite hot beverage, with a height of 9.6 cm and a diameter of 8.2 cm.
  • 15 oz : Offers more capacity for large coffee breaks, measuring 11.9 cm in height and 8.5 cm in diameter.
  • 20 oz : For lovers of generous drinks, this mug measures 10.9 cm in height with a diameter of 9.3 cm.

Easy Maintenance

This mug can be cleaned in the dishwasher and is also safe for use in the microwave, making it a practical choice for everyday use.

User Experience

The ergonomics have been designed for comfort in the hand, with a handle adapted to all grips. The design of the mug ensures effective thermal insulation, keeping your drinks at the ideal temperature for longer.


Not only ideal for hot or cold drinks, this mug can also serve as a decorative item or container for desk accessories, adding an artistic touch to your space.

Visual Impact and Conversation Starter

This mug isn't just a utility item; it’s a conversation piece. It attracts attention and sparks interest, inviting discussions about art and history, ideal for meetings or coffee breaks.

Artistic Heritage

Each mug is a celebration of Renaissance art and a tribute to Michelangelo. By choosing it, you bring a piece of art history into your daily life.

Perfect Gift Choice

With its timeless design, this mug is an ideal gift for lovers of art, history or for those looking for a unique and meaningful object.

Conclusion: A Work of Utility Art

The “Heart of Adam’s Creation” mug combines aesthetics and utility. Each use is an appreciation of Michelangelo's art, making each coffee break an enriching cultural moment. It is an object that, while fulfilling its primary function, also serves as a daily reminder of human achievement and the beauty of art.


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