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Glossy White Mug "Heart of an almond tree in bloom" - Van Gogh

Glossy White Mug "Heart of an almond tree in bloom" - Van Gogh

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Glossy White Mug "Heart of an Almond Tree in Bloom" - Homage to Van Gogh

Discover the unique charm of our “Heart of Almond Blossoms” mug, a refined tribute to the incomparable art of Van Gogh. It is not just a simple container for your favorite drinks, but a true work of art that will brighten up your daily moments with a touch of poetry and color.

Artistic Design and Inspiration

At the heart of this mug is a design inspired by Van Gogh's famous paintings of almond blossoms. Almond blossoms, vibrant in white and subtle shades of pink, are arranged in a heart shape, symbolizing rebirth, hope and the purity of art.

Quality and Materials

This mug is made from high quality ceramic, ensuring a glossy finish that highlights the delicate colors of the design and ensures its longevity. The chosen ceramic resists daily use and maintains its shine, even after numerous washes.

Product Details

Varied Sizes for All Needs
11 oz (330 ml): Standard size, perfect for your morning coffee or afternoon tea (9.6 cm x 8.2 cm).
15 oz (444 ml): Larger, for larger beverage lovers (11.9 cm x 8.5 cm).
20 oz (591 ml): Large capacity for those who want more (10.9 cm x 9.3 cm).
Practicality and Maintenance
Easy to clean, this mug is dishwasher safe without risking damage to the design. It is also microwave safe, ideal for reheating your drinks quickly.

User Experience and Comfort

The grip is ergonomic, with a handle suitable for all hand sizes. Ceramic provides natural insulation, keeping your drinks at the ideal temperature for longer.

Multifunctionality and Versatility

This mug is perfect as a gift for a birthday, celebration or for an art lover. Its elegant design allows it to be used as a decorative object or pencil holder.

Emotional and Aesthetic Impact

The “Blooming Almond Heart” motif evokes feelings of joy and renewal, reflecting the optimism and beauty that Van Gogh sought to capture in his paintings. Each use is an invitation to contemplation and artistic inspiration.

A Homage to Nature and Art

The imagination of almond trees in bloom echoes Van Gogh's love of nature and his aspiration to capture the essence of floral beauty. This mug is a celebration of creativity and the beauty of nature.

A Daily Accessory that has become a Work of Art

The “Heart of Almond Tree in Flowers” ​​mug transcends its utilitarian function to transform itself into a true work of art. Each tasting of a drink becomes an aesthetic experience, transforming an everyday act into a privileged moment of artistic appreciation.

Why Choose Our “Heart of Almond Blossom” Mug?

By choosing this mug, you are choosing a product that combines aesthetics, functionality and quality. It is designed for those who value art in their daily lives and are looking for an object that is both beautiful and practical. It's also a way to celebrate Van Gogh's legacy and incorporate a fragment of his genius into your daily routines.

How To Integrate This Mug Into Your Life?

This mug is suitable for different uses. Whether starting your day with a hot drink in an inspiring container, using it as a centerpiece at brunch, or as an art object on your desk, its versatility makes it adaptable to any context and occasion.

A Unique Object for All Occasions

In short, the “Cœur d’Amandier en Fleurs” mug is more than just a container for your drinks. It embodies the essence of art, promises moments of relaxation, and guarantees lasting quality. It is an elegant and warm way to enhance your everyday life, or to give a meaningful and practical gift to someone you love.

We are proud to present this mug to you, convinced that it will find a special place in your home or in the heart of the person to whom you choose to offer it.


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