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Jigsaw Cube - Likeran

Jigsaw Cube - Likeran

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What distinguishes this cube representing the Likeran paintings from other puzzles is its interactive aspect. Each time you manipulate the cube, you have the opportunity to create new combinations of colors and shapes. It's as if you were the artist composing your own abstract painting. The experience is both fun and challenging, as it pushes you to explore different configurations to find the perfect combination.

This Likeran cube is more than just a puzzle that you put away in a closet once solved. On the contrary, it is designed to be a real showpiece. With its vibrant colors and distinctive geometric shape, it will bring an artistic flair to any space. Whether you place it on a shelf, on your desk or in your living room, the Likeran cube is sure to attract admiring glances from your guests.


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