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Corset / Bustier Alfons Mucha - Art Nouveau

Corset / Bustier Alfons Mucha - Art Nouveau

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Corset Inspired by Alfons Mucha: The Renaissance of Art Nouveau Style

A Tribute to the Timeless Elegance of Alfons Mucha

Renowned Czech artist Alfons Mucha left an indelible mark on the art world with his iconic Art Nouveau works. Inspired by his genius, this women's corset is a true textile masterpiece, harmoniously merging art and fashion. With its refined floral inspirations, this corset is much more than a garment, it is a celebration of the feminine and the natural beauty that Mucha himself so often captured in his designs.

High Quality Materials: Unparalleled Comfort

Designed with attention to detail, this corset is made from a sophisticated blend of spandex and polyester, ensuring a comfortable fit and exceptional durability. The spandex provides adequate elasticity to perfectly fit the shapes without sacrificing comfort, while the polyester ensures remarkable resistance and color fastness, even after several washes.

Distinguished Features: The Signature of Exquisite Craftsmanship

Each corset is a centerpiece, characterized by structured bustiers that accentuate the silhouette, while providing optimal support. The meticulously crafted Mucha-inspired floral representation brings a touch of sophistication and vintage elegance. The delicate laces, not only practical for adjusting the corset, are also a subtle reminder of the corsets of yesteryear, providing a dressing experience that is both nostalgic and contemporary.

Bewitching Design: A Living Painting on Fabric

The front panel of the corset features a reproduction of a Mucha work, transforming this corset into a wearable canvas. The vibrant colors and detailed patterns are imbued with the magic and poetry that characterize the artist's works, offering its wearers the allure of an Art Nouveau muse.

Versatility and Style: Mode of Personal Expression

This corset is not only a tribute to art; it is also a means of personal expression. Whether worn as the centerpiece of an evening outfit or as a bold accessory to elevate an everyday look, this corset is versatile. It adapts to various occasions and styles, ensuring every woman stands out with elegance and originality.

Sizing and Care Guide: For the Perfect Fit

Available in different sizes, this corset is designed to adapt to all body types. To preserve the quality of the fabric and embroidery, it is recommended to wash it gently and dry it flat, thus avoiding damage due to aggressive heat treatments.
Be sure to follow the size guide below.

Conclusion: An Investment in the Art of Living

Investing in this corset inspired by Alfons Mucha is choosing to wear a work of art, it is deciding to celebrate elegance and romanticism every day. This corset is not just a piece of clothing, it is a piece of history, a collector's item that continues to tell the story of Art Nouveau through time and style.

Size guide :

Size Natural waistline Natural chest size Closed corset size Closed corset bust
XXS 50-55cm (20-22") 70-75cm (26-28") 57cm (21.65") 70cm (26.77")
XS 55-60cm (22-24") 75-80cm (28-30") 62cm (23.62") 75cm (28.74")
S 60-65cm (24-26") 80-85cm (30-32") 67cm (25.59") 80cm (30.71")
M 65-70cm (26-28") 85-90cm (32-34") 72cm (27.56") 85cm (32.68")
L 70-75cm (28-30") 90-95cm (34-36") 77cm (29.53") 90cm (34.65")
XL 75-80cm (30-32") 95-100cm (36-38") 82cm (31.5") 95cm (36.61")
XXL 80-85cm (32-34") 100-105cm (38-40") 88cm (33.46") 100cm (38.58")
3XL 85-90cm (34-36") 105-110cm (40-42") 92cm (35.43") 105cm (49.55")

Important notes:

  • The measurements listed for Natural Waist and Natural Bust are the ranges within which the corset can be fitted comfortably.
  • Closed corset size is the circumference of the corset when laced as tightly as possible.
  • Closed corset bust indicates the measurement around the widest part of the bust when the corset is fully closed.
  • Make sure you select the appropriate size based on these measurements and not your clothing sizing habits.
  • The corset is adjustable at the back, allowing you to achieve a personalized fit thanks to the lacing.

Please choose your size carefully to ensure the best possible fit.


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